Meals on wheels

Currently for the vulnerable and over 70s self isolating

Each day we will freshly prepare one of the dishes below and one of the desserts. The menu will be published a minimum of 2 days before (when we know what ingredients will be available).

Orders will need to be placed and paid for by 4pm the day before you want delivery.

All we need to know is do you have any allergies or major dislikes. We will then adapt or advise accordingly. We are fully versed in all dietary needs and can cater accordingly.

2-course lunch to be delivered between 11.30 and 1.45pm

Each week – paid in advance by card over the phone or by BACS

Buy 1 for £8

2 for £15

3+ for £7 each

Add a piece of homemade cake for £1.50 and/or a piece of fruit for 50p)


Monday 30th March
Italian orange chicken with lemon risotto
Chocolate Delice
(Add quiche and salad for £3)

Tuesday 31st March
Baked Gammon, broad beans in a parsley sauce with potatoes
Baked apple and custard
(Add smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich with crisps for £3)

Wednesday 1st April
Mildly spiced chilli and rice
Lemon and lime mousse
(Add a Brazilian chicken salad for £3)

Thursday 2nd April
Macaroni cheese with crispy bacon
Fresh fruit salad
(Add chicken Caesar salad for £3)

Friday 3rd April
Mediterranean fish stew with rice
Apple Pie
(Add a ham salad for £3)

Saturday 4th April
Moussaka and Greek salad
(Add feta and spinach filo parcel for £3 perfect for a starter or supper)

Sunday 5th April
Roast pork, apple sauce, gravy, stuffing and veg
Treacle Tart
(Add cheese, crackers and grapes for £3)

Please complete the order form below and a member of staff will be in touch to confirm your order.